Report Verification


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can mounted stones be tested?
Ans. Yes, GTL issues reports for stones mounted in metal (jewellery) as well as string.

Q. Can rough stones be tested?
Ans. Yes, GTL issues reports for rough stones too.

Q. Does GTL grades coloured gemstones?
Ans. GTL doesn’t grade coloured gemstones. Identification Reports typically mentions the characteristics of the stone, such as weight, measurements, shape, cutting style and colour, determine mineral group, species and variety, determine natural or synthetic and indicate detectable treatments.

Q. Does GTL issues appraisal reports for diamonds and other gemstones?
Ans. No. GTL issues only identification and diamond quality grading reports.

Q. Does GTL provide verbal opinion on identification and/or grading?
Ans. No.

Q. What does ‘Minor’, ‘Moderate’ and ‘Significant’ mean on an identification report for a treated emerald?
Ans. This suggests the amount of filler (oil/ resin) present within the fractures. This is indicative of the degree of clarity enhancement.

Q. How do treatments affect a stone’s value?
Ans. There are a number of treatments applied on gemstones, out of which, many are accepted. However, confirmation from an independent laboratory like GTL regarding absence of any treatment adds to the value.

Q. How is stone carat weight rounded?
Ans. As per international standards stones weight is rounded upwards if third decimal figure is nine (9). For example, a stone that weighs 1.998 ct would be rounded to 1.99 ct, but one that weighs 1.999 ct would be rounded to 2.00 ct.

Q. Does GTL grades synthetic diamonds?
Ans. Synthetic diamonds undergo the same grading process as natural diamonds.

Q. Does GTL grades fancy colour diamonds?
Ans. No. at this stage GTL only grades diamonds in colour range(scale) from D-Z.

Q. Does GTL grades fancy shaped diamonds?
Ans. Since there is no internationally accepted system for evaluating cut grade for fancy shaped diamonds, GTL only comments on symmetry and polish.

Q. Does GTL grade filled, lasered or HPHT treated diamonds?
Ans. GTL does not grade filled diamonds but grading reports for lasered and HPHT treated diamonds are issued with clear disclosure of treatments.

Q. How do I get duplicate copy of a report?
Ans. You can verify the report on GTL website. However, if a hard copy of the report is needed please send a letter to GTL stating report number and issuing dates. The duplicate report is issued at a charge of Rs. 200/

Q. Can someone other than me pick up my items and reports?
Ans. Yes. GTL needs you to sign a letter of authorization or a self attested note at the back of the original acknowledgment receipt. Contact GTL more details.

In case of lost acknowledgment receipt and copy of agreement, how do I get my stones and reports?
Ans. Goods will be returned on submission of FIR with police or an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 100/- duly notarized by the Notary public to GTL.

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