Report Verification



Single Stone Identification Report

These reports identify the gemstone under examination, along with presence or absence of treatments and their methods. The stone may be loose or set in a piece of jewellery or in a bead string.  
These reports mainly contain information on:

» weight (in carats, up to two decimal points)
   (in grams, when stone is set in jewellery or if it weighs more than 999.99 carats)
» colour  
» shape and style of cut
» dimensions (length x breadth x height); in centimeters for samples above 99 mm
» identification of the stone: by mineral name (group/species/variety where applicable), prefixed by whether it is natural or synthetic, man-made product or a glass.  However, in case of synthetics, species and group names are not mentioned.
» comments: include any additional information on presence or absence of treatments, damages, special optical effects such as colour change, and any information which may help to interpret the results on the report. In case of emerald identification reports, along with the nature of treatment and type of filler, its quantity is also mentioned in broad categories as significant, moderate or minor.

For security, every report is laminated, carries a colour photograph of the specimen/s being tested, a unique QR-code for report verification and a 3D hologram, which reads the logo of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) at one angle and GTL at another. Also look for the embossed logo of GJEPC at top left corner of the report

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